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Living Room Furniture in Edmonton
Welcome to Furniture Stores Edmonton, the premier home decor and furniture shopping destination in Edmonton, Canada! If you are looking for stylish and modern home furniture or office interiors in Edmonton, you are on the best place! We are featuring the leading Canadian designers and stores. Buy furniture for your bedroom, living room, dining room, kids room or patio space, the collection includes kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, mattresses, carpets, office furniture, sofas, beds, coffee tables, couches and more.

Shopping for furniture in Edmonton, Canada, is a rewarding experience for anyone who knows where to look. Even if you're new here, it won't be long before you catch on about the furniture scene in the city. Certainly, there are top furniture stores operating across Edmonton. These are renowned for selling top furniture brands and some of them have own brands which are a hit with many. But this is not the only kind of furniture stores you get here. There are also smaller stores specializing in specialty furniture, designer furniture, custom furniture, handmade furniture, and made-to-order furniture. Whatever your desired type of furniture, you can be sure that there is a store or five in the city where you can easily get it.

Furniture stores in Edmonton keep a broad variety of furniture products in stock. Most deal in a cross-section of furniture and will have all kinds of furniture in stock. These are the best places to shop when you want to buy a diverse range of furniture items. Other stores specialize in specific types of furniture only. This second store category is the best to visit for unique products. Because their focus is on a certain type of furniture only, these stores tend to have a wider variety of the specialty furniture they're selling. So if they are a kids' furniture store, you're likely to get more variety of kids' items here than in a general furniture store. As with buying any other item, you will get the best value by comparison shopping before purchase. Comparing products in different stores also has the advantage of bringing to your attention the differences in prices in various stores and the different furniture designs availed in each stores. This exposes you to a greater variety of furniture and makes you a more informed buyer. When you eventually make a move for a specific item, you'll be more confident about your choice than you would be if you just went for the first item you saw at the store.

Materials: Modern furniture designs incorporate the widest choice of materials ever seen in the history of the industry. Today, you can buy furniture made from classic materials like wood and metal or any of the more modern materials that include glass, laminate, resin, polyurethane, and a range of other synthetics. Each material attracts a different price range, with some natural materials being the most expensive. The beauty of having such a broad choice of materials is that the price range becomes wider, making it easy to find quality furniture within your budget. Solid wood is still by far the most popular and coveted furniture material in Edmonton. Its beauty remains unmatched and its quality and durability is solid. Unfortunately, wood furniture is on the higher end of the price range, and this makes it out of the reach of many people. For anyone who loves the natural appeal of wood, a cheaper alternative is engineered wood, available in a number of forms. Engineered wood, whether in the form of wood veneer, plywood or particle wood, gives you the natural wood look at a lower cost.

Metal furniture is another of the more classic materials, and is widely used both in homes and commercial setup. Metals commonly used to make furniture in Edmonton include wrought iron, cast iron, steel, aluminium, brass, chrome, and bronze. Like wood, metal is a highly durable material with the potential to give you a lifetime of service, particularly if stainless steel or wrought / cast iron is used. One advantage over wood is that it doesn't require meticulous care like the latter. Your wooden furniture must be properly sealed and, depending on the type of wood used, maybe even oiled, a procedure that needs to be repeated annually of biannually.

Leather is the material of choice for most people looking for a luxurious touch in their furniture. Easily the most expensive material, natural leather furniture is the hallmark of prestige. Plus it is soft, comfortable and durable, additional points which make it a good choice for anyone looking for a product that will last for decades.

MDF, resin, moulded plastic, polyurethane, mesh, and fabric are some of the materials that lend a modern look to furniture. You'll find them on most office furniture and some home furniture.

Furniture size: The key to creating a fabulous interior is in choosing your furniture in the right size. Pick your furniture in a size that is proportional to the room. Having very small furniture in a large room gives the space an empty feel while large furniture in a small room makes the room appear smaller, even cramped. When deciding the size of any single piece of furniture, consider every other furniture and accent to be used in the same room, so that you have all these other pieces in mind when choosing your furniture. Through this, you ensure that there is enough space for all the furniture in the room. Taking measurements of the area you intend to place your furniture is an efficient way of ensuring that you buy the right size of furniture. Measure all entry points that will be used when bringing the furniture into the room, including doors and hallways, so that you don't end up with furniture that is too big to fit through the door.

Shape and design: Some furniture is made in exclusive shapes and designs. Some comes in a basic shape and design devoid of any detailing. If your aim is to have unique looking furniture, you'll need to look for the most exclusive design that you can afford. Contrary to what some people assume, exclusivity in furniture is not found in the most expensive furniture or the most intricately designed. Some basic furniture designs are so simple yet so uniquely outstanding that their simplicity is stylish in an uncommon way. If you have an eye for good furniture, you will easily spot this kind of furniture. Complement it with colourful or elaborate accents and your room furnishing efforts will be a breath of freshness.

Finish: Choice of finishing in furniture is broad and varies from paint to stain, glaze, lacquer, gloss and polish. Unfinished wood look is also considered a form of finishing and is popular with some interior design styles, particularly rustic, vintage and country styles. When picking a finish for your furniture, consider how much maintenance it will take to keep the furniture looking good. Some finishes are pretty much maintenance free while others require a bit of work to sustain their pristine condition. Finishes that require occasional touch ups are preferable to those that must be polished up regularly because they're easier and cheaper to maintain.

Price: In furniture, pricing is pegged on many different factors. The material, choice of finish and design of the furniture all have a bearing on what the final price for the item will be. If you're buying a big brand, you can also expect to pay a lot more for it than you would pay for a little known brand, regardless of how similar the two products are. Custom made furniture is priced higher than mass produced stock furniture in Edmonton, with the added benefit that the furniture is made to your specifications. Materials that command high-end prices include solid wood, leather and some metals. To make the products fashioned from these materials affordable, furniture manufacturers combine them with other materials. For instance, wooden legs and a glass top in tables or a fabric sofa with a wooden frame.

Product diversity: Furniture stores in Edmonton keep their selection of products diverse. There is a good selection of Canadian made furniture as well as imported furniture from regions like the USA, Europe, and India. Both locally made and imported furniture must meet the specified quality and safety thresholds in Canada before they can be allowed into showrooms. The choice to buy a Canadian furniture brand or an imported one is purely personal, as both classes are superior in their own way. Some individuals take pride in buying Canadian. This lot will appreciate the variety of handmade Canadian furniture on display and the machine made variety available at a cheaper cost. For those who would like to try non-Canadian furniture for a change, there are plenty of Scandinavian, Italian, French, American, European, and Indian designs worth looking at. Many stores have numerous collections of each furniture style so you can compare a few before choosing the ones that appeal to you most.

Buying furniture in Edmonton is an enjoyable experience. Whether it's your first time shopping in Canada furniture stores or you've done it dozens of times before, it is refreshing to walk into the showrooms and see all the creative furniture designs on display. Perhaps the most comforting thing about furniture dealers in Canada is that they never disappoint; in keeping their product lines broad, they make it possible for even customers with the most particular preferences to identify and own furniture that appeals to their style.